Tax. Simplified.

Axios Law delivers smart, strategic legal and tax advice and experienced, professional and reliable representation to clients of all sizes, from individuals and family-run businesses to large, multinational corporations.

About Us

Axios Law is a boutique tax law firm located in Toronto. Led by Sabina Mexis, Axios specializes in tax law as it applies to individuals and businesses, and legal advice pertaining to corporations, non-profit and charitable organizations, wills and estates, and trust and estate planning.

Practice Areas

Much of our practice is focused on tax, however, we have a broad range of expertise in related matters such as business law, trust and estate planning, wills and estates, and charity and not-for-profit law.


Axios Law offers comprehensive, results-oriented tax and legal advice for individuals, families and businesses to help our clients meet their personal and business objectives.  

Our Philosophy

“Axios” (Gr. “άξιος”) is defined as “worthy” and “deserving of”. 

At Axios Law, we understand our clients of worthy and deserving of legal services of the highest professional standards based on years of experience, and delivered with compassion and respect at every interaction ensuring that clients are provided with sophisticated representation drawn from years of experience.

Contact us for comprehensive, cost-effective, results-oriented tax and legal advice.